Clever 動動腦 - 認知訓練遊戲 *[ 3D Wooden Maze ~原木3D立體迷宮 ] +  [彩頁遊戲圖書 - 實際比例1:1] + [提示及答案小冊子] 

Clever Games & Toys : *[Regular Size : 3D Wooden Maze] + [ Ratio 1 : 1 Colorful Game Book] + [ Tips & Answers Book]


~ (認知訓練遊戲) ~ (環保木材) ~ (歐盟顏料)

~ (Cognitive Training Game) ~ (ECO Wood) ~ (EU approved Color Material)



價格 Price :


  • ( 美元 : US $28 )
  • ( 台幣 : NT$ 799 )
  • ( 港幣 : HK$ 220 )
  • ( 人民幣 : RMB$ 200)



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產品規格 (Specification)


遊戲玩法包括~ : 拼圖遊戲 , 迷宮遊戲 , 跳棋遊戲


品尺寸 (Toy Size) : 20cm() x 20cm() x 2.2cm()


彩頁遊戲圖書尺寸 (Book Size):  21cm x 21cm 


(環保安全木材製造)  (歐盟認可安全顏料)  (台灣生)

(ECO Wood) ~ (EU approved Color Material) ~ (Made in Taiwan)



Below Abilities could be trained :


  • - 認知技能訓練  (Cognitive Training)
  • - 訓練記憶力  (Memory Training)
  • - 空間感訓練  (Spacial Training)
  • - 問題解決能力訓練  (Solve Problems)
  • - 邏輯推理能力訓練  (Logic & Reasoning)
  • - 手腦眼並用訓練  (Eye–hand coordination)
  • - 組織能力訓練  (Organizing Ability)


遊戲方法及遊戲規則 :

GamePlay and Game Mechanics:


1) DIY 拼圖遊戲 ( DIY Puzzle game)


玩家可以跟著遊戲書的指示, 用橡皮筋做出不同圖案的拼圖。或可以自由創造不同形狀的圖案。

Players can follow the game book, to make different shapes on the board by rubber bands.  Or players can create any shapes or patterns in their creativity. 


2) 3D 活動迷宮 (3D removable Maze)


玩家可以跟著遊戲書的指示, 用橡皮筋做出不同的迷宮路線, 預留一個起點與一個終點, 之後要從起點走到終點才算成功。或可以自由創造不同迷宮,或可以用彈珠行走迷宮,鍛鍊平衡力。

Players can follow the game book advice, to make the Routes / make the Maze by using the rubber bands, and with an entrance and an exit point, and then they can play the Maze by using a marble ball, moving from the entrance to the exit, the player win if he/she success.

Or Players can  use creativity to make any routes and form a maze. 

Also, Players can use a pen or their finger to replace the marble ball when moving inside the Maze, it depends on the players' choice.



3) DIY 跳棋遊戲  (DIY Checker Game)


玩家可以用棋子和骰子, 從起點出發走到終點, 骰子的數字代表行走的步數, 最快到逹终點就贏。這是團體活動, 看誰可以首先到達終點。

PLayers can use a chess piece and a dice to play this DIY Checker Game, Player need to use the rubber bands to make the routes and the maze first, and with a entrance and exit point. Player throw the dice to decide how many step he/she can move the chess piece from the entrance, whoever get to the exit first is the winner. This can be a game with multiple players.



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Clever 動動腦 - 認知訓練遊戲 *[3D Wooden Maze~原木3D立體迷宮 ] +  [彩頁遊戲圖書-實際比例1:1] + [提示及答案小冊子]