Clever 動動腦 - 認知訓練遊戲 *[ T-Puzzle 四巧板 - 標準型版本] + [木制遊戲板 - 實際比例1:1] + [提示及答案小冊子]

Clever Games & Toys :*[Regular Size - T-Puzzle] + [ Wooden made Game board - Ratio 1 : 1] + [ Tips & Answers Book]


~ (認知訓練遊戲) ~ (環保木材) ~ (歐盟顏料)

~ (Cognitive Training Game) ~ (ECO Wood) ~ (EU approved Color Material)


價格 Price :


  • ( 美元 : US $ 149 )
  • ( 台幣 : NT $ 4,470 )
  • ( 港幣 : HK $ 1,192 )
  • ( 人民幣 : RMB $ 1,083 )



(This is a special custom-made order, so we need around 2 weeks for production and delivery.)


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產品規格 (Specification) : 


產品尺寸 (Toy size): 22.4cm(長) x 4cm(寬) x 1cm(高)


木制遊戲板 (Wooden Board size) : A4 size :   29.7cm x 21cm x 0.2cm



Every Wooden Game Board have 10 different games.



Tips and Answer handbook with more games information.


(環保安全木材製造) (歐盟認可安全顏料) 

(ECO Wood) ~ (EU approved Color Material) 




Below Abilities could be trained :


  • - 認知技能訓練  (Cognitive Training)
  • - 訓練記憶力  (Memory Training)
  • - 空間感訓練  (Spacial Training)
  • - 問題解決能力訓練  (Solve Problems)
  • - 邏輯推理能力訓練  (Logic & Reasoning)
  • - 手腦眼並用訓練  (Eye–hand coordination)
  • - 組織能力訓練  (Organizing Ability)


Clever T-Puzzle 四巧板是一款傳統遊戲,由四塊不同幾何形狀所組合而成。

Clever T-Puzzle is a traditional game, which is formed by 4 different shapes.


Clever T-Puzzle 四巧板遊戲能訓練手腦眼並用,依照實際比例1:1圖案指示,組合不同的圖形。本遊戲能鍛鍊專注力,問題解決能力,邏輯推理能力,激發創意能力及組織能力的技能。

Clever T-Puzzle can train our eye-hand coordination, following the ratio 1:1 game book or the tips & Answer book to play, player could form different pattern. 

This game can also train the concentration, logic & reasoning, Creativity, and organization skills.


Clever T-Puzzle 四巧板 :  等級共分為3種 (3 difficulties Level.):


  • *初級 (Easy) 
  • *中級 (Medium) 
  • *高級 (Hard) 



遊戲方法及遊戲規則 :

GamePlay and Game Mechanics:


木制遊戲板有提供很多不同的圖案和不同級別,圖案從簡單開始, 慢慢增加困難度。玩家需要把四巧板放在木制遊戲板的圖案上使用, 拼出相同的圖案。也可以跟着"提示及答案小冊子"去進行遊戲。

Inside the Wooden Game Board, there are many different patterns which are formed by the T-puzzle pieces, Difficulties Level are from Easy to Hard. Players can put the blocks on the game board accordingly and cover the patterns, if player can complete putting all blocks to cover the patterns, players win. Moreover, Players can also follow the "Tips & Answer book" to form the pattern shape based on the request.



We suggest players starting from easy level , and then gradually to challenge harder level, also players can train their memory abilities by this game.



Wooden Game Board is specially made, every piece formed the shape of frame, when we playing the puzzle, we can have a special respond feeling, becasue the wooden game board frame is in few millimeters height, so we will not go outside the frame easily when we are playing the puzzle.


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(If you need to write your name or company name in the receit, please notice us in messages when you purchase or by email. We can send the receipt to you with the product delivery together.)



Clever games & toys

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Clever 動動腦 - 認知訓練遊戲 *[ T-Puzzle 四巧板 - 標準型版本] + [木制遊戲板 - 實際比例1:1] + [提示及答案小冊子]

  • (由於是特别制作,所以大約需要2星期生産交期。) 

    (This is a special custom-made order, so we need around 2 weeks for production and delivery.)