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動動腦 - 遊戲&玩具



Clever Games and Toys,  we design based on below 3 areas :
1)認知遊戲 / 治療/ 技能訓練

(Cognitive Games & Toys / Therapy/ Training)

2)實體玩具 / 線上&手機遊戲

(Hardware Games & Software Games (Online and Mobile App))

(Elderly/ Senior/ Young children/ Old & Young together)


We also accept Special Order (Custom Made Design), please contact us if you need customer made products (Whatever is small or big quantity, we can make it for you).


Our collection is available at our Taiwan stores, and at our Hong Kong showroom:

Clever games & toys 動動腦 - 益智游戲

(Taiwan, 台灣)

地址 : 台北市, 中山區, ,長安東路二段106號, 10樓之2

Address : Flat 2, 10/F, No. 106, Sec. 2  Chang'an East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan. (10456)

電話/Phone : (+886) 0978-007-139

Clever games & toys 動動腦 - 益智游戲

(China, 中国)

代理銷售 : 中国 - 北京, 上海, 廣州, 深圳

Sales Representative in China - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

電話/Phone : (+86) 1980-2013-890

Clever games & toys 動動腦 - 益智游戲

(Hong Kong 香港)
地址 :  觀塘, 開源道49號, 創貿廣場, 23樓, 2305室。

Address: Unit 2305, 23/F, APEC Plaza, 49 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.
電話/ Phone : (+852) 9229-6836

Clever games & toys 動動腦 - 益智游戲

(Overseas 海外)

Sales Online/ 網上商店 :


TEAM  團隊

Major Team Members :



KelvinKit Wong (Founder & CEO & CDO)


Education Background:

(Ph.D. postgraduate in Design Science, Taiwan)

(M.D. Industrial Design, Taiwan)

(B.D. Computer , USA)

(Dip. Graphic Design, Hong Kong)

Career Background:

(Product Designer, Design Awards Winner and business management & entrepreneur experience)

Job Duties: (Business Management and Games & Toys Designer)



Joe Leung (Co-Founder & CMO)


Education Background:

(B.D. of Fine Art, USA)

Career Background:

(TVB Telvision channel, Media production, Commercial Advertisement)

Job Duties: (Marketing, Video Production, Photography, and Graphic Design)



Jerry Liu (CTO)


Education Background:

(B.D. of Computer Science, Taiwan)

Career Background:

(Experience in the front-end and back-end software development & programming jobs)

Job Duties: (Software Programmer & Developer)



Angel Huang (Chief Officer of Sales & Customer Service)  


Education Background:

(B.D. , Taiwan)

Career Background: (Experience in Sales & Customer Service) 

Job Duties: (Sales & Customer Service) 



Consultant Team Members:



Juyi Lin (Consultant) & (Occupational Therapist)


Education Background:

(New York University, USA)- (M.D. Occupational Therapist)

Career Background:

Probrian – (Occupational Therapist)



Ju Chi (Consultant) & (Occupational Therapist)


Education Background:

(B.D. Occupational Therapist, Taiwan)

Career Background:

長庚紀念醫院 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital - Occupational Therapist



Karen (Consultant) & (Social Worker)


Education Background:

(M.D.  Social Worker, Hong Kong)

Career Background:

- 香港路德會社會服務處 Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service- 助理服務總監 Assistant Service Director

- Social Worker社會工作者



John Cheng (Consultant) & (Professor of Computer Science)


Education Background:

(Columbia University, USA) (Ph.D. Computer Science)

Career Background:

大同大學 , TaTung University, Taiwan - Professor of Computer Science



Benjamin Kam (Consultant) (CPA) & (Banker)


Education Background:

(University of British Columbia, Canada)(B.D. Accountant)

Career Background:

KPMG (one of the Big 4 Accounting firm) – Former Employee

HSBC (Hong Kong) - Banker

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